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Dr. Peter Lipnack is a doctor that practices Applied Kinesiology and Structural Biometrics taught by the founding developers of these techniques and has applied them to professional, college and high school athletes for the past 20 years.

Our office deals with reconstructing posture and reconstructing the effects from repetitive habits that lea to  chronic conditions related to seeing numerous physicians, resulting in ineffective results.

We focus on fixing the cause to your significant conditions. Our focus is to use modern, advanced techniques to differentiate from symptom relief with correction using strengthening  exercises with weakness stretching techniques with tightness and exposing the causes to specific conditions.

The way people sit, sleep and stand plays a significant part in what causes people to have specific chronic conditions. By addressing these symptoms, we can begin the journey to fix the true cause of these problems.

By figuring out the cause of why people have chronic conditions, and delivering answers to reducing these conditions is what we strive to accomplish with these advanced techniques. So if you’re in pain, Contact Us today!